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Facebook is the best business marketing tool since google. If you do not have a facebook page, you really do not exist in the minds of most people.

You need a facebook page and you need fans. But there is nothing sadder than a facebook page with no fans. To get started you normally ask all your actual friends to like your page. Strangle enough though, some of your closest friends will not do this. Once you have that, you would like your fan base to increase steadily.

This requires work and effort on your part!

Or, you could just get an edge and pay someone to do it for you. But if you add too many fans too fast, facebook will know that those fans are not real and will not count them.

The smart thing is add them slowly and methodically. This make it appear more normal and real. So why not check out this 40 fans per month offer to get you started.

Once you have a good beginning, you can always upgrade and get 1,000 targeted fans per month!

Local Business Listing on Google

If you have a business with a physical address it is vital that you have a listing on Google. People do not have phone books anymore so they go to Google and look up telephone numbers as well as addresses.

If people do not find your business listed they will not find you unless they already know about you. And even if they do know about you, they still want your telephone number and your address. Google will also tell them if your business is currently open or closed for the day.

If you are not listed they will most likely assume that you do not exist any longer. If you don’t do everything that you can to make it easy for people to come and visit your business you won’t be there much longer anyway.

You can certainly do this yourself. But if you want help why not get it. Surely you could ask a neighborhood teenager to do it for you. Or you could just go online and pay less than $20 and have someone do it for you.

With the G local business listing you can get an instant online business profile and can be found in local Google searches. You also have exposure on mobile search. Plus, if you continue with the monthly service, you can easily update your details anytime

The choice is yours!


SCAM or LEGIT | A Popular Review Topic


Unfortunately we have all probably been scammed online! That is why review sites are worth while and a big help when we need a little advice.

It may also seem odd to you, but one such site with a weird little name that I like is the Beer Money Forum. Having just reached 10,000 member it must be doing something right!

One of the right things is that before you can claim that you made money with something, is that you have to provide proof of payment. Anyone can claim they have made mountains of money, but to prove it takes the ‘steam out’ of most hype.

Here are a few posts that i started myself. Please note that I have no affiliate links in there. I posted these because I was looking for someone else who may have bought and succeeded with the promotion that I did or almost ‘fell for’.

But there are so many more by thousands of people.

Maybe you fell victim to one of these scammers and puffers yourself. Or maybe you ‘passed on’ a great idea because it ‘looked to good to be true’.

So before you buy into something, why not see if it is actually a scam or legit in the Whats New section!

PS: You will thank me later.

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