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Other Social Exchange Systems

Auto Advance on Active-Auto Surf Page (Great)

Social Media Exchange Website -

Good for Tweets & Instagram Likes (Great)
No Autosurf

Social Media Exchange Website - Likenation

Easy To Earn Points on Retweets and Likes (OK)

Free Twitter Followers

Start With 500 Coins
Auto Advance Non-Active Autosurf

 Like Exchange

Start With 100 Coins
Auto Advance Non-Active Autosurf : Increase Your Social Fans

Start With 100 Coins & $.10

#1 Place to Buy and Get Free Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

Start With 200 Coins
Click for Each New Non-Active Autosurf Page 

 CSERE-KLIKK Forgalomnoveles | Szerezz ingyenes latogatakat weboldaladra, kozossegi tartalmaidra

Start With 300 Coins & $.10
Great For Earning on Tweets and Follows
Click for Each New Active Autosurf Page 

HitsLikesTweets - the FREE UK Social Exchange

Start With 200 Coins & $2
Auto Advance Non-Active Autosurf

 Social Bux : SEO Tools & Social Bookmarking Network

Starts With 50 Coins and $.50
Click for Each New Active Autosurf Page 

Get Free Followers

Starts With 50 Coins
Click for Each New Active Autosurf Page 

Exchange PRO

Starts With 90 Coins and $.50
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  DrLiker - Free Facebook Likes, Twitter Followers, YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers, Pinterest Followers, Vine Followers

Starts With 200 Coins
Auto Advance Active Autosurf

Start With 40 Points BUT No Facebook Click for Each New Autosurf Page

Social Media Exchanger - Get Traffic, Followers, Views & Much More!

Old Style Traffic Exchange – Not Very Useful

free traffic

30 Free Coins To Start
But Lousy Autosurf Credits and Many Non-Working Offers

Start With 100 Coins & $.99
(did not credit for fb likes)

 Site BoostUP - FREE Social Exchange by

Start With 100 Coins – But Sound Cloud Was Only Active Add

Extra Traffic - Free Traffic Exchange!

Paid Tasks – Only If You Have Lots of Time

Best Free Social Likes Exchange Systems Online Today

  1. Link Collider – They have some unique ways to earn tokens that set them apart from the others. Of course they also have the ones that are in most demand except for facebook fan page likes. But they also have big rewards for facebook websites likes as well as youtube subscribers.
    1. Like a website on facebook (+ this one is very easy and works better than others I’ve had to put up with, + big reward)
    2. Share a website on facebook
    3. Tweet a website
    4. Follow a Twitter Page
    5. Google+ a website
    6. Click a website (+ open multiple pages at a time nonactive pages)
    7. View a website (+ autosurf nonactive page)
    8. Subscribe a YouTube Channel
    9. Pin a website
    10. Follow a Pinterest
    11. Page Post a website on WordPress
    12. Post a website on Blogger
    13. Post a website on Stumbleupon
    14. Post a website on Tumblr
  2. FollowLike Net – The best autosurf earning program is with youtube videos because the videos just keep playing until there are no more to be seen. Other sites have problems with popups and redirects – but not youtube! Twitter is the easiest system to get good points. Every day you get 100 points for logging in and 100 more after you do a few exchanges, but only one claim per day.
  3. Addmefast – Get 50 free points to sign up. Can get points with website autosurf views (+ automatically collects point on nonactive tab), youtube views ( + easy to orientate 2 photos to collect points). Lots more ways too!
  4. Like4like -Youtube views ( + good points) (- click to start video on popup then match repeat icon) Site viewing (- active window then match repeat icon) Facebook Fanpage Likes (+ works great)
  5. YouLikeHits – Site Visiting  (- open nonactive pages one at a time)
  6. Shareyt – Does have a cash for points with $1 for 1,000 points. Low number of members.

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