Local Business Listing on Google

If you have a business with a physical address it is vital that you have a listing on Google. People do not have phone books anymore so they go to Google and look up telephone numbers as well as addresses.

If people do not find your business listed they will not find you unless they already know about you. And even if they do know about you, they still want your telephone number and your address. Google will also tell them if your business is currently open or closed for the day.

If you are not listed they will most likely assume that you do not exist any longer. If you don’t do everything that you can to make it easy for people to come and visit your business you won’t be there much longer anyway.

You can certainly do this yourself. But if you want help why not get it. Surely you could ask a neighborhood teenager to do it for you. Or you could just go online and pay less than $20 and have someone do it for you.

With the G local business listing you can get an instant online business profile and can be found in local Google searches. You also have exposure on mobile search. Plus, if you continue with the monthly service, you can easily update your details anytime

The choice is yours!