Snippet Optimization Tutorial: How to Dominate the Search Results

“It’s finally here; your guide to winning featured snippets on Google every time. With this video we teach you exactly what we do to jump to the front of the”

Video Highlights

  • Format a part of your blog so that it attracts google to use it as a “snippet” search result to get to the top of the top!
  • Techniques include
    • bolding
    • 2-3 sentences that answer a question in a standalone manner with NO references to need any more information anywhere else
    • NO slang or casual language (crap, LOL)
    • NO opinions (best, top, great)
    • Thanks watching this video. You want to be sure to listen to the explanation video on their bona fide income generating marketing techniques
  • There are 4 important type of snippets each with their own strategies
    1. paragraph
    2. list
    3. video
    4. table

Video Review

  • An excellent strategy with valuable do’s and don’t
  • Best tip of the year and one I was already trying to do


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Length: 10:29
Upload date: 2020-05-25 13:00:17

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