Affiliate Sales The Easy Way – Simple Step by Step – Who What Where

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing EVEN IF YOU’RE BROKE

These are the latest techniques for 2020 to get started and profiting from your own online website business. This video shows you exactly where to go and what to do once you get there. Don’t short circuit your future by skipping any part. Even seasoned website operators WILL get useful tips and a process for automating website sales.

Please watch the entire video for more details and tips on effective affiliate marketing!

Step By Step Outline

Follow along in this new video and see just how simple it can be to develop a passive income with website marketing. All you need to start is a simple 2 page website! The below is merely a recap of what you can expect to learn in this free online video.

Find and Validate A Profitable Niche

  • Google Trends – Short tail keywords from 1 to 2 words
  • Amazon Books – Locate book options and activity. Check comments and reviews.
  • Google Search – Verify that publishers pay for ads and that people actually spend money on it.
  • Click Bank – Find out if digital products exist to sell in your niche.
  • SEM Rush – Use the keyword magic tool and find videos and websites.

Create A Website and Sales Funnel

  • Register a domain nameName Cheap
  • Find A Web Host – He uses Site Ground, but I use iPage. Other suggestions Glow Host and Name Cheap
  • Install Word Press  -The most popular, easiest and best website creator. WP is free, but Fiverr has many helpful design, development, troubleshooting and optimizations services to make it look and work great.
  • Install Plugins – Suggest free Yoast SEO, Cache and Security plugins. Plugins bring life and operability to WP websites. Most plugins are free, with upgrade options. Fiver also has services to create, install and customize plugins.
  • Email Management – Put email sales on autopilot by delivering value and money making offers. Top product Aweber

Finding Stuff To Sell

  • Click Bank – Locate quality products with sales potential and good affiliate tools.

Give Something of Value For Free

  • Canva – Create a report to entice visitors to sign up for your email list for free.

Website Content

  • Page One – Your home should should provide valuable free content and information to answer a need within your chosen niche.
  • Page Two – The second page should be your email signup page with your free report as a free giveaway.



Further Suggested Resources Readings and Tools

The Top 7 SEO Tools for 2020

  1. Mongols – “We make SEO simple since 2014” Include the next 5 tools in one place.
  2. Keyword Finder – “Find long tail keywords with low SEO difficulty”
  3. SERP Checker – “Google SERP Competitor Analysis Tool”
  4. SERP Watcher – “From setup to daily rankings in 30 seconds”
  5. Link Miner – “Find powerful back links you can replicate easily”
  6. Site Profiler – “Check the SEO authority of any domain or URL”
  7. PPC Advertising Toolkit – Discover the tools that will help you plan, analyze and improve your Google Ads campaigns

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