This Site is Making $0 Because of These 3 Mistakes – Website Review

“A few weeks ago we asked in our YouTube community page for people who wanted us to review their site and give feedback here on our channel. We got a lot of”

Video Highlights

  • In a YMYL “your money or your life” niche you really need to build trust and authority especially in the highly competitive health and weight loss area
  • Do google searches yourself to discover what people are actually using to find what you are offering.
  • The GDPL UK law make many click funnels illegal if not giving what is promised.
  • Email lists are effective but only for businesses that have upsell opportunities
  • Links to internal and external sites must be “sold” or given a reason to click on in no more two sentences. You must also tell the visitor where they are going and what they going to find.

Interesting Video Comments

  • “you have definitely cracked “The Secret Sauce”
  • “this reviews from a specific site brings a lot of value”
  • “method of alphabet soup, competition analysis and article titling is HANDS DOWN unbeatable”


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